Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni is definitely one of my favourite character artists and a big inspiration to me. He is a character artist with exceptional talent.

gt final 940x543 Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Alessandro Baldasseroni Soldier Character


Alessandro Baldasseroni

He started his career in Italy for a games company and is now working as lead character modeler and texture/shader artist for Blur Studio.

Over at CG Channel they have a very inspirational interview with Alessandro Baldasseroni. He discusses how he started out in character modelling, briefly the pipeline for a character modeller at blur, how long a character takes, tips on how to start out and stresses the importance of anatomy knowledge and reference.

I hope to one day achieve his level of skill and artistic ability.

Alessandro Baldasseroni website.

Alessandro Baldasseroni’s CGPortfolio

Stylized Character Modeling for Production DVD

Alessandro has an excellent character modeling DVD at The Gnomon Workshop called Stylized Character Modeling for Production. I highly recommend this DVD. In this DVD Alessandro takes you through the whole process of modelling a stylised character from concept art.

He shows his workflow in great detail. He jumps back and forth between 3DS Max and Zbrush. The plugin Polyboost (Polyboost  is a 3rd party plugin for 3DS Max) is also used however Polyboost is included in 3DS Max 2011 and up and is in the ribbon. There are many great DVDs out there that covers character modelling but his is the best as far as stylised character modelling goes.


franky 940x578 Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Franky from The Goon

franky morphs 940x535 Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Franky From The Goon Facial Morphs

zombie 940x685 Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni

Zombie From The Goon

infestation 940x461 Inspiration: Alessandro Baldasseroni





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