Animation: Best Life



This is a short clip of an animation I have been working on recently. I was responsible for all the 3D work. I am waiting for the final sound edit and then I will upload the whole animation.

This project was all done in Blender using Cycles. It was quite a risk as Cycles wasn’t feature complete yet. I was quite familiar with the capabilities and was following development very closely.

One feature was absolutely crucial and not implemented yet namely “from dupli” mapping for particles (this means particles get their uv mapping from the uv of the point on the object they are generated from). I searched and tried for workarounds but no luck. So I jumped on the blender developers chat room and asked around. This led me to start chatting to Lukas Toenne(aka phonybone). He said he would have a quick look at it. Half an hour later and Voila!. He sent me the diff patch. I applied the patch and created my own build of Blender with this feature included. I was simply amazed by his willingness to help. He is currently working on particle nodes for blender. You can check his progress at

Here is one of the stars of the animation.

Character Macaw Texturing

Character: Macaw



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