Blender Modeling at first glance

I was very pleasantly surprised by Blender, a 20mb open-source 3D application… Unbelievable.

sintel original 1024x576 Blender Modeling at first glance

Sintel is an open movie project made with Blender.

I have always been very loyal to 3ds Max . It was the first 3D application I touched and since then I have always worked on 3ds Max ( I have never needed to work on anything else because every company I worked at used 3ds Max). It is a marvelous piece of software, with the new poly draw tools modeling is a breeze.

I decided recently to try out different software just to see which package is better suited to organic modeling and character creation. I first tried out Softimage, good modeling software.I love the fact that they have 3ds max shortcut preset. I only messed around on it for a short while. But got into it quite quickly. Modeling seem fast in Softimage.

I was on my way to download the Maya trial when I decided to give Blender a quick try. I started it up before but couldn’t do anything off the bat and just immediately quited and deleted it thinking it was rubbish. Never the less I tried to give it another try. I downloaded the new 2.56 beta and installed it.

I was amazed with the new look and feel of the UI,very clean and proffessional. The layout of the UI also felt a bit more familiar. Once I started modeling I was very pleasantly surprised. It worked very well and felt like a solid professional piece of software. The modeling is slightly different than 3ds Max but not in any way worse than 3ds Max. I think I might  actually prefer Blender to 3ds Max (only in the modeling department). It is still early days and I will have to play around in Blender more to be certain.I will do a character on Blender to try it out and then I will write an article on Blender’s capabilities.

I didn’t expect Blender to come close.  I also see that blender has a built in sculpting feature and a fluid simulator. There is still so much I must still play around with. I haven’t even rendered anything on it yet(I don’t even know if I should because I love Mental Ray so much, and that is how I felt about 3ds Max too.)

I have been pleasantly surprised before by open-source software(Open Office, Thunderbird). Next I will try Gimp instead of Photoshop.

You can download blender at

Check out, a beautifully done short, made with blender.

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