Character Artist / Rigger Showreel 2017

Character Artist / Rigger

Experienced character artist/rigger with a strong technical flair. A strong passion for finding workflow inefficiencies and create tools to free me as well as fellow artists from unnecessary tedious and technical monotony. An artist first and foremost striving to enable other artists to achieve their best.

Inside Job:

Responsible for the entire character pipeline.

-Established topology rules and standards for efficient articulation/deformation. Scripted a tool in X-Wrap for a fast and efficient retopology tool.
-Established UV layout rules and standards to ensure efficient use of UV space.
-Created tools in Python and Pyside to enable artists to work efficiently.
-Integrated Mari into Maya with a send to Mari script.
-Scripted an auto-rigger toolset for props.
-Scripted an auto-rigger toolset for characters based on mGear to enable riggers to rig efficiently and to a consistent quality. Implemented a complete facial auto-rigging system.
-Scripted a tool to bake mocap animation on to the character rigs
-Scripted an asset toolbox with – mesh QC – naming etc


-Character modeling
-Character Texturing

Silly Seasons:

-Facial Rigging
-Character Modelling
-Character Texturing



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