Character: Faun

This character is based on the lovely character illustration by Kelly Hamilton (aka “artkitty”) titled Faun. Click here to visit her illustration on CGHUB. The first time I saw it I just fell in love with it.

This project was a personal project to get my feet wet in Softimage. I am fluent in 3DS Max and Blender and I wanted to expand my skills. The transition was quite easy once I enabled the Maya interaction mode.

I got a lot out of this project. I became familiar with Softimage’s tools and UI. I also became familiar with Python within Softimage.

I still prefer sculpting blend shapes in Blender. So I wrote a Python script to export all the blend shapes as OBJ. I then wrote a Softimage Python script to import all OBJ files in a folder as blend shapes.

Faun Expressions

Faun Expressions : All these poses and expressions were created with the rig and no corrective sculpting was done.



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