Character: Office Guy

Office Guy1 Character: Office Guy

Character Office Guy


[toggles accordion=”false”] [toggle title=”title 2″ id=”b1″] fdhgafdhafh [/toggle] [toggle title=”title 2″ id=”b2″] vcbzgfbxvxcv [/toggle] [/toggles]This character started out as a quick test of Blender’s dynamic topology. I ended up with a sculpt that I loved so I retopoligized the sculpt. When Blender render engine, Cycles, got subsurface scattering and min hair width included into its feature set I simply had to try it out. Wow, I am really impressed with the results.


The min hair width basically just improves the noise within the hair. It also gives it a softer feel. It simply checks weather a hair strand is thinner than the “min hair width” then samples it as if it was as thick as the “min hair width” setting and gives it a transparency.


The new feature are included in Blender 2.67a. Get it now! Its Free!


I will update this post once I complete this character.


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