Character: Tortoisaur

This character is mixture of a tortoise and a dinosaur and also an Iguana. I was very intimidated by texturing the scales but it actually turned out to be very easy.

Tortoisaur 940x528 Character: Tortoisaur

Character: Tortoisaur

I realised two things with this quick character. Zbrush is like cheating, well it feels like cheating just because it is so easy. Texturing was done pretty much in four hours and it looks pretty good.

Blender’s sculpting is very good for many things but it simply can’t handle the polycounts needed for surface detailing. Plus the tool-set of zbrush is out of this world. No wonder it is the industry standard.
Don’t get me wrong, Blender’s sculpting is far from being useless and is absolutely crucial to my work flow.I use Blender’s sculpting for concept sculpts. Always tweaking meshes with Blender’s sculpting.

The other thing I realised is that Blender Cycles is my favorite render engine by far. With the interactive nature of Cycles, materials are set up in a jiffy. Setting up lighting is a flash too. I will do a tutorial soon on how I set up my lighting. It is very easy. An hdr environement and two plane lights. Very simple with excellent results.

I just can’t wait for hair and sub-surface scattering(sss) in Cycles.

I used Blender to do the concept sculpt and all the modelling of Tortoisaur. Blender was used pretty much for everything on this character except for texturing and surface details .

  • Claudz

    The skin looks amazing.  Great job.

    • Dewald

       Thank you, I am very happy with the result.

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  • Luks

    Nice, how many samples does the final render have??

    • Dewald

      I think I took it up to 1000. It took about 10 minutes on my GTX 580 3GB.

      It was pretty much noise free at 750 besides inside the mouth.