Character: Demon Hunter WIP Sculpt

Demon Hunter 01 940x528 Character: Demon Hunter WIP Sculpt

Demon Hunter Character Sculpt

I have always been very inspired by 3D game cinematics since the first time I saw the cinematics of Warcraft II. Game cinematics have come a very very long way.

I am making a Game Cinematic Style 3D character ready for production as an exercise. I will be focusing on getting very high level of detail within reasonable polygon count. This character is the Demon Hunter from Diablo III.

This sculpt is about 95% Complete. After I am finished with the sculpting I will retopologize.

After retopologizing I will take it back to Zbrush to add final tertiary level surface detail.

After that I will texture and pose.

  • Claudz

    Nice job.ย  Love the level of detail you have put in.

  • Dewald

    The retopologizing of this character came to a screeching halt after I lost 25 hours of work by formating the wrong hard drive. Luckily I often make back-up and I didn’t lose more.

    I will most definitely finish this onem but not now ๐Ÿ™