Okido Teaser



I am so excited that Okido is in production!!

I worked on the Okido teaser at Squint Opera when I was in London.

I was responsible for all the rigging. I made some tweaks to the character models. I textured Zoe and Felix (girl and boy) and helped with the fur of Messy Monster.

Here is more info from the Squint Opera website

Okido is a kids TV series aimed at 3-5 year olds. The show explores the everyday questions that children everywhere ask – the science we come across in the world around us.

Messy, a monster, representing every child’s curiosity, wonder and imagination, leads us on a journey under the bed, through the Vortex of Socks and into Okido World, where anything is possible and every question leads to a new adventure.

Okido is based on the popular Okido magazine, and is currently in production.”


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