Sculpting: Quick Head Sculpt Exercise

Head Sculpt Exercise 940x528 Sculpting: Quick Head Sculpt Exercise

Sculpting: Quick Head Sculpt Exercise


This was a quick sculpt of a head to test blender’s new masking and partial hide in sculpting mode. You can find a test build here. These new tools are excellent. Nicholas Bishop is doing phenominal work for Blender’s scuplting toolset. Closing the gap between Blender and Zbrush… well a little, what can I say Zbrush is just amazing.


I also found that blender can handle higher poly counts than I thought. I could only reach about 1.5 Million pollies before. I have actually ready on many posts of blender being able to reach only up to1.5 Million. I got 20 Million and it was still very workable. The key is to be in solid preview mode with double sided faces turned off in the object’s object data tab (you have to have blender render selected).


I think Blender sculpting just might be able to cut it. I am going to test Blender sculpting some more but I must say I am very optimistic so far. I will also be doing a tutorial on Blender Sculpting soon.


This sculpt is based on a character by Denis Zilber. I love his style especially his play with proportions. A brilliant illustrator.


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