Sponza Atrium Blender Cycles Test

Sponza Atrium2 Sponza Atrium Blender Cycles Test

Sponza Atrium Cycles


Model imported to Blender and materials converted to be rendered in Cycles for testing purposes.

Render time for the still was 30 minutes and render time for the animation was 15 minutes a frame on a Nvidia GTX 580.

The reason I am nuts about Cycles (Blender’s new rendering engine) is that it renders with amazing quality. It is very fast (GPU rendering). Rendering is easy, you just set your number of samples and hit render, no baking, no caching, no fine tuning global illumination settings to avoid flickering and get minimal render times possible. Most of all reasons is that you have instant feedback which makes the whole process of lighting and texturing happen way quicker with more look development in less time.

Cycles is the most intuitive renderer I have ever used. Cycles still lack some features (sss, motion blur, volume and hair). But these features are on in development and will be here before the  end of 2012.

Original model was created by Christian Bauer.

You can download the blend file for the Sponza Atrium here.

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